Zigtagz for Business

Lost business items such as laptops, tablets and mobiles can hit businesses hard. We can help you avoid the disruption, data security risks and reputational damage such losses can present by simplifying their safe return.

Zigtagz can also be printed with your company logo, helping you raise brand awareness while staff are on the move. Used across your workforce, they help demonstrate risk management and can significantly reduce insurance premiums and claims, as well as fraud.

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How it Works

Love it? Tag it.

Order your Tag Pack and attach one to the things you love. Once registered, your unique ID will safely link the product to you.

Lost it?

Relax. Anyone finding your tagged item can now quickly and easily report it before it goes further astray.

Re-unite it.

We match the found item to you and alert you straightaway. We can then reunite you or put you in touch with the finder. You’ll just need to pay postage & packing costs*.

*A handling charge may apply

Success Stories

“By using Zigtagz across the workforce, BT help to reduce the company’s insurance premiums and claims. BT stated that their self insured reserve is £20M and so even a 10% reduction in the required reserve is a massive benefit to them.”

– BT